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DSCN298405406 Ward Street

The handsome brick building was constructed in 1925 and housed the DeRose Chevrolet Dealership until the Great Depression caused the owners to close the business in 1933. After being vacant for 3 years during the Depression Era, the bulding became the home of the John P. Serpa Pontiac/Buick Dealership, the Kaiser-Frazer Dealership, and the Martinez Auto Body Shop. After the body shop relocated in 1981, theDSCN2929 building has been the home of the Bay Valve Service Engineering business.

Martinez Historical Society Plaque 20 Reads:

406 Ward Street Built by B.F. Ferrario 1925

DeRose Chevrolet Dealership 1925 - 1933  ~ John P. Serpa Pontiac/Buick Dealershi 1936 - 1948 ~  Kaiser-Frazer Dealership 1948 - 1952 ~ Martinez Auto Body Shop 1952 - 1981 ~ Bay Valve Service Engineering, Inc. 1985 - Present