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Dining Room

Our dining room is setup with pictures of the Martinez and Welch families as well as items you may have seen in early homes around the area.  In the corner sits an organ which would have provided evening entertainment to families.


In 1881 a new fangled instrument was brought to Martineztelephone by James Borland. The first telephone was installed in the Southern Pacific Depot. The telephone number was 1. The wall phone above was number 10F2 from the home of Anthony F. and Marie G Maderos.




In the center of the room sits an Austrian "Tilt Top" table, from the late 1880’sfliptoptable


Hanging on the walls of the Dining room are pictures of some of the early Martinez residents.




Vicente (Barber) Martinez. Son of Vicente Ramon Martinez and Nieves Soto Briones.





Vincente (Pete) Martinez. Son of Vicente Jose Martinez and Encarnacion Welch.






Encarnacion (Chona) Welch. Wife of Vicente Jose Martinez, daughter of William Welch II and Philipa Soto Briones.





Carolyn Martinez. Daughter of Vicente J. Martinez and Encarnacion (Chona) Welch, Wife of Thomas James.






Frank Welch. Son of William Welch II and Philipa Soto Briones, sister of Encarnacion Welch Martinez.





Dona Martina Arrellanes Martinez. (1787 - 186?). Wife of Don Ygnacio Martinez and mother of Maria Antonia, Juana, Encarnation, Jose, Louisa, Susana, Francisca, Dolores, Rafaela, Conception, and Vincente. Married August 29, 1802.





Don Vicente Ramon Martinez. Son of Don Ygnacio Martinez and Dona Martina Arellanes





William Welch 1848 - 1895. Grandson of William Welch Irish sailor.   Owner of Mexican Land Grant - Rancho Las Juntas.





Annie Martinez Peters Wife of Joseph Peters





Joseph Peters Husband of Annie Martinez Peters




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