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Italian Fishermen Monument

Martinez Marina

The Plaque located at the Martinez Marina honors the Italian Commercial Fishermen who fished the local waters from Crockett to Rio Vista. They brought their families here hoping for a better way of life. Families listed on the plaque have descendants who still make Martinez their home. The river was closed to commercial fishing in 1957 by the State of California.

Information from "Pioneer Italian Fishermen of Martinez", by Katherine "Tina" Davi Collins.

fishing boat

The boat pictured was the type used by the Italian Fishermen in local waters.

Names listed on the Plaque

Aiello, Antinio & Family

Aiello, Francesco & Family

Aiello, Guiseppe & Family

Aiello, Mercurio & Family

Aiello, Vincenzo & Family

Amato, Peter

Balestrieri, Gueseppe

Bellecci, Francesco & Family

Bellecci, John and Salvadore C.

Bellecci, Giovanni & Family

Bruno, Gaetano & Family

Cardinalli, Francesco & Family

Cardinalli, Nino & Family

Ciaramitaro, Francesco

Compagno, Salvatore

Compagno, Salvatore R.

Costanza, Rocco & Family

Davi, Peter B.

Di Maggio, Giuseppe & Family

Di Maggio, Nino Francis

Di Maggio, Salvatore & Family

Drago, Salvatore & Family

Ferrante, Horace

Ferranti, Giuseppe & Family

Ferranti, Peter & Family

Fontanna, Giuseppe & Family

Franchi, Tony & Family

Galli, Salvatore

Giamona, Paul & Family

Gianno, Pietro & Family

LaBello, Vincenzo & Rocco

LiCavoli, Giuseppe

Lucido, Agostino & Family

Lucido, Francesco & Orazio

Lucido, Frank, Paul & Family

Lucido, Q. (Cavillo) & Family

Lucido, Nino Ray & Sal

Lucido, Peppi (Palido) & Family

Lucido, Pietro & Family

Marazzani Family

Marchi, Francesco

Mercurio, Dominic & Sal

Pagnini, Paul

Pellegrini, Luigi & Family

Pezzimenti, Natale & Family

Quontamatteo, Fred Sr & Family

Romeo, Vincent & Family

Rubino, Neno

Russo, Antonio & Family

Russo, Natalie

Russo, Salvatore & Family

Sanfilippo, Francesco

Sansone, Giuseppe & Family

Savaioni, Mario

Scola, Jik & Family

Tarantino, Guiseppe

Troia, Pietro & Family

Vatalie, NIck