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italhotelItalian Hotel

822-824 Alhambra Ave

In 1849, Col. William M. Smith, (who had married into the Martinez Family), established the town of Martinez. He hired Thomas A. Brown, son of Elam C. Brown, founder of Lafayette, to survey the area and paid Elam Brown in property including the north and south halves of lots 7 and 8 in Block 30 of the original Martinez Survey.
In 1903 Brown sold the property to Leontine Blum for $10 in gold coin. In 1905, Marco (Michael) Pistochini, his brother Antonio and another relative, P. Pistochini came from San Francisco and purchased the south half of the lot from Leontine Blum for $10 and in addition, bought the north lot from Leontine Blum for $800.
He then built the Italian Hotel and Boarding House which faced on Smith Street (now Alhambra Ave). Marco and Antonio operated the popular hotel/boarding house/restaurant until the early 1930's. The property remained in the Pistochini family until 1944 when it was sold to Maurice and Lillian Fuller. The property was eventually purchased by Jerry Kramer who then set up Jerry's Dental practice in the building. Today the building is still owned by Jerry and Joan Kramer.

Martinez Historical Society Plaque #17 Reads:  Italian Hotel & Boarding House Owned and Operator by The Pistochini Family.  Jerry and Joan Kramer owners of building 1964 to Present.