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prosserProsser Building

815 Marina Vista

In 1855, William Jones built a pub on what is now the corner of Ferry and Marina Vista where it would be the first place passengers disembarking the ferry passed by. He lived above the pub with his family. The building was sold to Watkins Prosser in 1891. About 1914 - 1915 the building was moved to it's present location. It was then purchased by Dr. Buckman who lived in most of the house and used one or two rooms for his medical practice.

Martinez Historical Society Plaque #16 Reads: Built by  William Jones, hotelkeeper 1884 - Bought by W.J. Hough and became “Hough’s Saloon” 1891.  Bought by Watkins Prosser 1915 Moved to present site.  Residence of Dr. H.D. Buckman family for many years