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State Theatre

The State Theatre opened July 2, 1926, and was one of five theaters in Martinez, including the People, Old Novelty, Royal and Avalon. The State Theatre presented four silent movies a week, which were shown between vaudeville acts. 

Two fires in 1931 closed the movie house, but it was rebuilt and reopened in 1932, and operated until Thanksgiving Day 1961.  It was boarded up in the 1970s, and it was notnewstate until the late 1990s that it was purchased by Contra Costa County and remodeled and reopened as the Public Defenders office

Martinez Historical Society Plaque 19 Reads: 

State Theatre - 800 Ferry Street Designed Art Deco Style by the Reid Brothers architects/San Francisco

Built by John McNamera - 1922
Premier Opening - July 2, 1926
Closed due to fire 1931, reopened 1932, closed 1961
Purchased by Contra Costa County
1998 - Presently the
Contra Costa County Public Defender