The following bylaw amendments were unanimously ratified by our Board on Tuesday November 12.  The majority relate to grammar, punctuation, clarity and consistency throughout the document with new additions proposed as follows:

  1. Article I Purpose - Changing organization to corporation, reference to Society in place of Martinez Historical Society, and finally reference to the state where are incorporation occurred.
  2. Article II Membership - Added Corporate membership category, changed termination from May 1st to April 1st.
  3. Article III Officers\Directors - Replaced fix number of 15 Directors on our Board with a min of 7 and a max of 15.
  4. Article IV Duties of Officers/Directors - Eliminated Recording from the title of Secretary, added reference to the Governance Committee.
  5. Article VII Nominating Committee/Annual Election - Clarified all nominees must be members in good standing and election process moving forward, added clause on how Nomination Committee vacancies are to be filled.
  6. Article VIII Committees - Cleaned up first paragraph related to all committees, eliminated any references to documents not yet in existence, added reference to new Marketing Committee, and universal chair responsibilities.  Added Governance and Marketing Committee sections.  
  7. Article X Bylaw Amendments - Broke out Bylaw Amendments that do not directly affect our members and member rights, which instead affect Board processes would now be only need Board ratification. All others that do affect members and their rights, would still by law be ratified by our membership accordingly.


You can download the bylaws here









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