Below are archived items from past displays in the Martinez Museum.



phonograph1906 Edison Disk Photograph












straitsPainting of the Carquinez Straits 1880’s by Etha Holton










livingroombench.2Shoe Bench that you would have found in the L.M. Lasell Co in the 1900’s









fliptoptableThis Austrian “Tilt Top” table is from the 1880’s






vbmartinezVicente (Barber) Martinez. Son of Vicente Ramon Martinez and Nieves Soto Briones.vpmartinez






Vincente (Pete) Martinez. Son of Vicente Jose Martinez and Encarnacion Welch




Encarnacion (Chona) Welch. Wife of Vicente Jose Martinez, daughter of William Welch II and Philipa Soto Briones







 Carolyn Martinez. Daughter of Vicente J. Martinez and Encarnacion (Chona) Welch, Wife of Thomas James





 Frank Welch. Son of William Welch II and Philipa Soto Briones, sister of Encarnacion Welch Martinez








Dona Martina Arrellanes Martinez. (1787 - 186?). Wife of Don Ygnacio Martinez and mother of Maria Antonia, Juana, Encarnation, Jose, Louisa, Susana, Francisca, Dolores, Rafaela, Conception, and Vincente. Married August 29, 1802





 Don Vicente Ramon Martinez. Son of Don Ygnacio Martinez and Dona Martina Arellanes








 William Welch 1848 - 1895. Grandson of William Welch Irish sailor. Owner of Mexican Land Grant - Rancho Las Juntas





 Annie Martinez Peters Wife of Joseph Peters






 Joseph Peters Husband of Annie Martinez Peters





countybellThis bell hung in the Original Court House built in 1855-1856, its weight is around 500 pounds.  It was cast by Rumsey and Co of Seneca Falls New York in early 1805




ccchousePicture of the Original Court House




diningorgan19th Century Victorian Parlor amusements were important in the American home. To accommodate non-musical families, self playing and easy to play instruments were developed and priced for the less then wealthy:  pump organs, player pianos, machines as melodeones, music boxes, gramophones, organettes and clarions.  Shown here is a pump organ from the Raap Rancy CA 1827.  The grand parents of Florence Rapp brought the organ to California by wagon.  Gift of Compaglia-Marchi Family




Alhambra Water was established in 1903 and was located in Alhambra Valley







oldenhitchingHitching posts like this would have been found outside stores or hotels.  Circa 1875







oldenfireCollection of fireboxes.  These boxes were used to transmit an alarm to a fire station. They were placed throughout the town on corner posts.  In case of fire you could sound the alarm and give the location






Picture of downtown Martinez taken from Thomas Hill in 1916, you can see the 1901 courthouse in the background


Lasell’s General Merchandise store







oldenlaundryWashing machine and irons.  Peerless washer circa 1930 (in back) Humbolt washer (in front)








waterfrontnavyA piece from one of the two ships that exploded on July 17th, 1944 in Pot Chicago.






Barber Shop

bbshop02The Barber Shop was a replica of one of the several late nineteenth-century Martinez Barbershops. The family of Manual Dutra gave many items in the display to the Historical Society in 1985.  The Champion barber chair was brought around the Horn to Placerville, then on to Martinez in 1849. 


bbhop3Manual’s mothers family had a boarding house, and when one of the residents, a barber, failed to pay his rent his grandmother claimed the chair, the footrest, and other items now on display: the mirror, razor strops, shaving mugs, razors, scissors, shaving brush, shoe brushes, and a hairbrush.  These items were donated by Melvin Dutra and Barbara LeFleur, and David Biles and volunteers restored the room. The ceiling is a reproduction of a period tin ceiling.


bbshop2Also on display are several grooming tools once belonging to Harvey Harker, a barber and proprietor of the Martinez Hotel Barber Shop, located at 802 Main Street, ca. 1920-1939.  The strait razors belonged to John Hooper, and were used from 1917 through 1948 in a Ferry Street  barbershop. 


The pitcher and wash bowl belonged to Michael and Hanna Winslow, owners of Sunnyside Farms, now Golden Hills Park, and were donated by Ruth Winslow Jamison. The shaving stand and whetstone, dating from the 1890s, was used by Evi Osborne, and donated by Geneva Welch Stinson





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