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Renovations Underway and Opening Soon!

The Borland House has used our downtime to fix some issues and we anticipate opening our doors to the public soon. Date still to be determined, however we are still answering any research or any other inquiries so please let us know your needs...

Martinez In Contra Costa

"Just thirty-five miles around the corner from San Francisco, where the waters from Suisun Bay and Carquinez Straits mingle, is Martinez, the county seat of Contra Costa. In traveling there by rail one follows the winding water front of Contra Costa from Berkeley to Martinez."

Calling All Historians

We invite all Martinez individuals — families, adults, children, business people, frontline and essential workers, first-responders, etc. — to help us record life in Martinez during the 2020 Coronavirus/Shelter-in-Place Your contributions will be saved in the Martinez Museum and shared with visitors to the museum interested in learning about these strange times.

Building an Infrastructure for the Town of Martinez

History of Martinez

In 1824, the Alhambra Valley was included in a 17,000 acre land grant awarded to Don Ygnacio Martinez by the Mexican government for services rendered to the Royal Spanish and Mexican armies. In 1849, Don Ygnacio's son, Don Vicente, built the adobe house now located at the rear of the John Muir Home Historic Site.

Museum Renovations Underway!

Other Good News… We anticipate opening our doors to the public soon!