More Street Names South of the Trestle

“Following last week’s query concerning street names in Muir Oaks, Bob Latchaw, a resident of the area for many years, called to tell us that Milden Road was derived from […]

Street Names in the Northwestern Hills

One of the first areas of the city outside of the flat downtown core to be settled in the 1850s was the northwestern hills overlooking Escobar, Marina Vista and Ferry […]

The Story of Martinez Street Names….

Picking up where Charlene left off After Thomas Brown completed the survey, streets began appearing on a north/south – east/west grid.  We believe Col. Smith had an ulterior motive for […]

The True Story of How Soto Street Got Its Name

Frank Silva Soto and Antonio Bertola: Their History and Streets This week we present something unusual:  a correction that is not buried on the right–hand bottom of page umpteen under […]