Keep Martinez’s Rich History Alive!

Board of Directors


John Curtis

First Vice President

Kathy Braun


Barbara Chambers

V.P. of Membership

Paul Kraintz


Linda Monroe


Tim Farley

Second Vice President

Mary Goodman


Jay Howard

Second Vice President

Kevin Murray


Kathy O'Connell

Second Vice President

Keith Park

Second Vice President

Julie Wilde

Second Vice President

James Wilson


Bill Wood

First Vice President

Kathy Yates

Museum Site

Borland House

Museum Site

Old Train Depot

Mary Lou Speaker-Johnson — Chair

Vivian Rittenhouse (current)

Andrea Blachman (retired)

Position Currently Available

Eric Braun — Website Management & Design

Christina Batt — Grants

Christian Rousset — Restoration Specialist

Dave Scola — Project Management

Marlene Thompson

Jeanne Hilson

Time For a Change...

Please be advised: The Martinez Museum will be temporarily closed for one week to allow for staff to update a new display.

May 28th - June 3rd : Museum Will Be Closed

Please plan to come visit the new display “Parades, Picnics and Parks” once the museum reopens. Thank you!