Keep Martinez’s Rich History Alive!

Inaugural Garden & Outdoor Living Tour

Presenting the Martinez Historical Society’s inaugural Garden & Outdoor Living Tour! We are absolutely delighted to present this exciting addition to our esteemed Home Tour series, as we believe there’s no better way to embrace the joy of summer than by exploring beautiful outdoor spaces. This year, we have curated a collection of seven privately owned homes nestled within our charming downtown area, each boasting unique and captivating outdoor areas that will surely leave you inspired.

In the spirit of the past few years when we were encouraged to stay at home, many homeowners took this time as an opportunity to dedicate their energy to long-awaited backyard projects. As a result, the gardens and outdoor spaces featured in this tour reflect a labor of love, spanning a wide range of styles, sizes, and historical influences. Some of the properties boast expansive yards, while others showcase the artistry and innovation found within smaller city lots. It has been truly remarkable to witness the magic that has unfolded within these intimate spaces, proving that creativity knows no bounds.

1635 Pacheco Blvd., Martinez

Tour Booklets will be distributed beginning at 10am.


Time For a Change...

Please be advised: The Martinez Museum will be temporarily closed for one week to allow for staff to update a new display.

May 28th - June 3rd : Museum Will Be Closed

Please plan to come visit the new display “Parades, Picnics and Parks” once the museum reopens. Thank you!