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Mission Statement

To discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge about and interest in the history of Martinez.

The Expanded Mission and Purposes of the Martinez Historical Society shall be:

TO COLLECT items relating to the history of Martinez and the surrounding area and to deposit them in locations that are convenient for both researchers and the general public.

TO PRESERVE the history of Martinez & to preserve physical objects related to that history.

TO STUDY AND DISCOVER new information about the history of Martinez.

TO EDUCATE the community about history. To arouse interest in the study of history.

TO DISPLAY owned, borrowed or leased collections for the benefit of the public.

Our mission is fulfilled in the following ways:

STORAGE FACILITIES – To provide space to collect, conserve & safeguard historical materials. To provide fire-proof storage space for the most valuable and irreplaceable items. To provide sufficient space to enable researchers to comfortably work with materials — and to minimize the culling, de-accession & dispersal of materials. To catalog materials to facilitate retrieval from storage when needed.

 LIBRARY FACILITIES – To provide shelf space for histories, genealogies, biographies, newspapers, pamphlets, circulars, programs, posters, photographs, manuscripts, letters, diaries, journals, maps, surveys, field books, oral histories and public documents in both print (paper) and other media. To provide off-site backup of materials in digital format.

RESEARCH & EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS — To purchase materials of value to researchers. To create an environment which encourages donations of materials. To provide access to, and copies of, materials to all researchers. To assist the public to find the information that fits their needs and to deliver that information to them. To provide these services in a helpful and welcoming environment. To promote the discovery of new historical information about Martinez within the framework of the state and nation in which it exists.

MUSEUM FACILITIES – To provide public display space for pictures, photographs, paintings, relics, historical artifacts, hands-on exhibits and activities for children and adults in clean, safe, well-lit and attractive locations.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS – To host tours of our facilities and to host public lectures, meetings, workshops and presentations on site. To set-up educational exhibits in our own facilities and elsewhere. To host or support tours of the community’s historic homes, businesses, and historic locations. To publish, and to support publication efforts by others. To provide press releases. To support initiatives by newspapers and magazines to publish Historical Society materials. To create videos, and to support their creation by others. To provide material for radio and TV programming. To maintain a website and post historical information on the internet. To provide lectures & slide shows to the community, or to support others who wish to do so. To assist teachers in developing classroom materials.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION – To identify and place plaques on historic buildings. To prepare or to support the creation of historic structure inventories. To support property owners who wish to preserve, convert and continue the use of the historic buildings in Martinez.

COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS — To work with other historical societies to maximize the preservation of historical materials and to deposit the materials in the appropriate location for researchers and the general public. To co-operate with schools, local government, community service organizations, arts groups and other appropriate organizations such as national museums to accomplish more of the Historical Society’s objectives than would be possible by working alone.

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Museum Renovations Underway!

Other Good News… We anticipate opening our doors to the public soon!