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Thank You Refining Company Volunteers

In 2016, the Martinez Museum was closed for several months so the dilapidated interior could be renewed. There were holes in the walls, stained paint and peeling wall paper to be dealt with. A crew of employees from the Martinez Refinery volunteered to tackle the project. They arrived each Friday to perform the work. The first order of business was to remove the many exhibits, paintings and photographs from the walls. Then the work began to remove wall paper, make repairs and repaint the entire interior. Over a period of several months, these wonderful volunteers turned the interior of the Museum into the show piece it is today – for the entire community to enjoy

When the Refinery volunteers were renovating the interior of the Museum, one of the tasks that had to be undertaken was removing the old wallpaper so the walls could be patched and painted.  Refinery employee (and community volunteer) Ryan Roby found that, after applying DIF wallpaper stripper, removal became a straight-forward process.  The stripper enabled the wallpaper to be pulled down in sheets.

Posts from Spring of 2016

Check out the many Facebook posts from the time frame of Spring 2016 when lots of help came through the doorways of the museum. Many folks from the Refinery Company were there working hard!

After the renovation of the Museum interior was finished, the Martinez Historical Society created a thank you plaque for presentation to the Refinery.  Sean Johnson (left) accepted the plaque from Council Member Mark Ross on behalf of the Refinery volunteer team.  This photo was taken in the College District headquarters next door.  The planned outdoor ceremony in front of the Museum was hastily moved into this building when a rain storm suddenly swept through our town.

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