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Looking for someone interred in either Martinez’s Alhambra Pioneer Cemetery or Saint Catherine of Siena Cemetery?  If so, then the Martinez Historical Society may be able to assist you.  Our Museum also houses our research library and archive that includes information about many Martinez families including burial records.  Additionally we have a Cemetery Committee devoted to researching the Alhambra Pioneer Cemetery and its  residents.  

Cemetery Committee:

Museum Archivest:

The City of Martinez is another source of information as owner and manager of the Alhambra Pioneer Cemetery. The City’s cemetery web page contains their most recent decedent lists for the Alhambra Pioneer Cemetery, Potters Field, and American Civil War veterans.  However, its important to note that these lists are incomplete and not difinitive.

The Martinez Cemetery Preservation Alliance does original research to identify decedents, locations of thier graves, and find pertentent infomation for whom records are incomplete.  They are currently in the process of creating a more complete and definitive decedent list that will be made available online soon.

The Contra Costa County Genealogical Society is another resource for locating graves and tracing the family trees of the deceased.

The Contra Costa County Historical Society is another source of information regarding past Martinez residents, familys, and decedents. 

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