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Who We Are


“Keep Martinez History Alive!”


“To discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge about
and interest in the history of Martinez and its surrounding areas.”


  • To research, discover, and collect details, objects, and writings that illustrate the history, heritage, and cultures of Martinez.
  • To maintain and operate a museum and research library that provide for the preservation, display, and accessibility of such materials for the education of all those who wish to examine or study them.
  • To cultivate a passion for Martinez history and heritage through public gatherings, events, education, and publication of historical
  • To establish, promote, and support a college scholarship program for
    Martinez students with an interest in the study of history.
  • To fundraise through grants, sponsorships, events, and other activities that support the Society’s Mission.
  • To establish, promote, and support a vigorous volunteer program.

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Museum Tour

Museum Tour

A virtual tour from inside the Martinez Museum

Walking Tour

Walking Tour

Self-guided tour of historical landmarks in Martinez

Cemetery Tour

Cemetery Tour

A virtual tour of the Martinez cemetery

The Martinez Historical Society was created in 1973 to save this 1890 cottage and its site from becoming another parking lot in downtown Martinez.

Convinced that our city’s history deserved a repository where papers, documents, photographs and artifacts could be housed, we prevailed upon the City of Martinez to join with us in acquiring use of the “Borland House” for our purpose.

A lease was obtained from the Contra Costa College District, and we took possession in February, 1974.